Ways to get involved

Ways to Get Involved Today

Participate in a Rotary Event

Here’s a chance to see “Rotarians in Action” and your entrance fee will support all the good work we do in the community and the world.

Fiddlin’ 5k

Fiddlin’ 5K is a unique Walk/Run through the Mars Hill University campus and town. Along the route are musicians who will break up the walk / run with traditional music. This event is held on the third Saturday of April each year.

Rotary Invitational golf tournament

Rotary Invitational Golf Benefit is held in the spring at one of the most beautiful and challenging courses in this area—Wolf Laurel Country Club. Gather your golfing friends and enjoy the day knowing that the proceeds are used to help the youth of the community.

hot doggett 100

Hot Doggett 100 Bike Ride has achieved the reputation as one of the best-supported bike rides in western North Carolina. The rural roads provide beautiful scenery and the rest stops and the post-ride meal have the most friendly volunteers. Held each year on the second Saturday of July.

Volunteer with A rotary Program

Work with the youth in the county

Once a year for a few hours during a specified week, volunteers teach the Junior Achievement curriculum to third, fourth, fifth and eighth grade classes throughout the county. It’s a great way to give young students a goal to stay in school and be economically successful. Training guides are provided to help those of you who love to work with young people. Or, if you prefer the Pre-K age group, volunteer to read a few stories to students once a week at the Early Childhood Centers.

Help WITH ONE OF OUR major eventS

It takes lots of volunteers to put on our major fundraisers so if you have a few hours when we schedule the Fiddlin’ 5K in April or the Hot Doggett Bike Ride in July, here’s a way to get involved. We need people at the registration at the beginning, at rest stops, and at the finish line. Not a lot of time and not a lot of training needed, but we truly need the volunteer help.

join us for a small event

If you are a lover of the outdoors and have an interest in keeping our county beautiful, there are several programs to be a part of once a year or a little more often. Rotary has adopted a stretch of North Main in Mars Hill to keep clear of litter. We also choose an area of a creek or river to clean up once a year. The Bird Garden of the Marshall Native Gardens at the Library is a Rotary project and we maintain it a few times a year as we do during Earth Day celebration for a length of the Otis Duck Greenway near Gabriel’s Creek.

Be a part of ROtary

Attend a meeting

We have an evening meeting the 4th Thursday of the month (others are at 7:30am) with speakers on topics of interest about our community and our culture. The second week is where we honor students and school employees and learn a bit about members. The fifth Thursday is usually a social event at locations throughout the county when you can get to know the members better.

join the club

Get the full benefit of Rotary by becoming a member. Participate in the meetings, the socials, the programs. Mix with people with similar interests in helping our community and the world become a better place. Find something that we do and get deeply involved in keeping that project going. Spread the word about all the good that we do here and abroad.

start a community corps

Talk to a group of friends who already meet for another purpose and become an offshoot of the Rotary Club of Madison County. You can be a part of the greater Rotary world simply by meeting once a month and participating in just two of our programs (of your choice) annually. This is a great way to support what Rotary does if you don’t have the time to commit to a full membership in the club.

create a satellite club

If you can gather a group of at least 8 people anywhere in the county who love what Rotary means but prefer to establish their own rules about when to meet, how often to meet and where to meet, this option is for you. You can experiment with meeting formats and the dues are slightly lower than your sponsoring club. This format can eventually evolve into a regular Rotary Club format or remain a satellite.

establish a community-based Rotaract club

Rotary has a designation for a club with members from ages 18 to 35. Our club has sponsored one at Mars Hill University. However, there are young people out there who are involved with community service who might benefit from the connection to Rotary by forming a Community-based Rotaract Club. Meetings can be as often as the members want and dues can be whatever they decide (or none).

volunteer your time and expertise at ryla

One of the goals of Rotary is to help develop leadership skills in the young. We do this at a Rotary Youth Leadership Academy for a long weekend each Spring. High school students gather to listen to speakers, discuss challenges and work on communication and teamwork. If guiding students through this process appeals to you, volunteer to help as a mentor.


The Rotary Club of Madison County is proud to serve our local and international community. Meetings are typically held at Pittman Dining Hall on the Mars Hill University Campus in Mars Hill.

Reach out to us at madisonncrotary@gmail.com to attend a meeting!

Reach out to 2022-23 Club President Barbara Shepard by phone or text at (828) 380-3103 or email her at madisonncrotary@gmail.com